Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tamarac Pioneer: Lucille Wind

(Originally published in The Forum July 28, 2010)

by: Chad Quinn

This October the Broward County Historical Commission will celebrate their 38th annual Pioneer Days – the nominee for the City of Tamarac for 2010 is Lucille Wind. Lucille’s story about her arrival in Tamarac is very interesting…

While vacationing in South Florida in 1964, Lucille and her husband Joseph, were looking at a potential property to purchase as a vacation get-away and possible future retirement home. A realtor suggested that he show them a new development, Tamarac Lakes in the new City of Tamarac.

Lucille recalls that the development was “just starting, in fact they were going to have their grand opening the following weekend. They were busy installing the carpet and mirror in the model home.” During their first visit they met the developer (and founder of Tamarac) Ken Behring. Lucille and Joseph fell in love with the plans for the development and their future home and readily signed a contract for a home that was under construction with only side walls and no roof. The Winds’ suggested a down payment of $200 with the remainder to be paid in cash at closing. The cost was $8,990 with added features of air conditioning, a rear patio and an expanded driveway which brought the total for their new home to $10,030. In addition to the low cost, the neighborhood offered a “maintenance-free lifestyle” – Mr. Behring’s concept for his new development was to offer the convenience of a condominium lifestyle with the privacy of a single-family home. For a low monthly fee, residents would get lawn mowing, periodic house painting and roof cleaning, and access to the community’s clubhouse.

The Winds had planned to use the home initially as a vacation home, so they were in no big hurry to have their home completed and even told Mr. Behring he could take his time building theirs because they would not be back for another year. As they were traveling back home, about 45 miles outside of Buffalo in a snow storm, Joseph and Lucille came to the conclusion that they wanted to experience the warm weather and sunshine they fell in love with back in Florida year-round. Then six weeks later in March (much sooner than expected), they were notified that their new house in Tamarac was ready for closing.

In March 1964 they closed on their new home and by September, after finalizing the sale of their business and home in Buffalo, officially moved to Florida! Lucille remembers that “by September, the development was pretty much sold out and that Thanksgiving Mr. Behring gave the residents a lovely turkey dinner and party.” Joseph opened a new business, DeWind Lock and Key on Prospect Road and Andrews Boulevard. At 46 and 39 respectively, Joseph and Lucille were the youngest residents in Tamarac Lakes and were some of the few who were still working. While their neighbors social lives tended to center around the community clubhouse and the multiple activities it provided, Joseph and Lucille found that they did not have much in common with their neighbors who all tended to be much older. While Joseph ran the business Lucille worked as a substitute teacher for the school system. They joined the Ft. Lauderdale Country Club and enjoyed the activities it provided – in fact Lucille is still a member of the club!

In 1971 Joseph’s health took a turn and he and Lucille decided to sell the business (which still exists today as DeWind Lock and Safe) – they decided to play more golf, travel and enjoy an early retirement.

Joseph passed away in 1999, however Lucille has remained active in her community, at her country club, and in previous years, as a clerk for elections at her precinct. In addition, Lucille became involved in her homeowner’s association.

In speaking of Tamarac, Lucille says “It’s been my home for 46 years – I’ve lived here longer than any other place.” She has seen Broward County, and Tamarac in particular change and grow over the years. She use to get a “real thrill” when she and Joseph would drive west on Commercial Boulevard and just as they reached the crest of the overpass over the Turnpike she could look out and see all the “little white houses Mr. Behring was building.” In fact, over the years Lucille convinced several family members to buy homes in Tamarac.

Now her neighborhood is dominated by young families and children. No longer is the clubhouse the center of activity it once was – “There are more young people, there’s more diversity. I love my neighbors, but they have to work, they don’t have time to be involved in their community or the association.”

At 86 years young, and having bought a home in the City’s first neighborhood, Lucille Wind is Tamarac’s only living original resident, and our 2010 Pioneer.

If you have a story to share with the Tamarac Historical Society, or photos and other memorabilia, we’d love to hear from you… call (954) 597-3523 or email

Photo Caption:
Tamarac's 2010 Pioneer, Lucille Wind, in front of the home she and her husband Joseph purchased in 1964.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tamarac Historical Society Welcomes Cecil L. Beach!

The Tamarac Historical Society welcomed their first ever guest speaker, Cecil L. Beach, on July 13, 2010 at Tamarac City Hall.

In Broward County, Cecil Beach is best known for his work with the Broward County Library System which began in 1977 when County Administrator Lex Hestor hired him to take the job as Director of the newly created County Library. His task was to pull the System together, gain the support of the Cities, plan and institute a building program, build a collection, hire a competent staff, prepare and defend adequate budgets for operation and plan for the future. Over the next twelve years he went about achieving those goals. A world class Main Library designed by the Marcel Breuer firm was erected along with 17 branches. A professional and support staff second to none was assembled. Special appropriations enabled the collection to grow past one million volumes, and the Broward Library System was well on its way to becoming one of the best and largest public library systems in the country. In 1989 he was promoted to the position of Public Services Department Director, supervising 9 County Divisions.

Previously, Cecil had served as State Librarian of FIorida; As Director of the Tampa, Hillsborough County Library System, Director of the Gadsden Alabama Public Library, and as Director of the Piedmont Regional Library in Georgia.

In 1992 he retired from Broward County as Director of the County's Public
Services Department where he supervised 9 county divisions including Libraries, Parks, Mass Transit, Housing, Social Services, Agriculture, Consumer Services, Community Development, and Cultural Affairs. Subsequently he has been visiting professor at FSU and at USF while continuing to do consulting. In 1999 Broward hired him as Bond Project Co-coordinator for the $140,000,000 Bond Issue passed to build new libraries in the county.

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