Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thank you Ken Behring for creating Tamarac
Having met Ken Behring in December was a great honor. We found him to be very sincere and approachable. After doing research about our city for 3 plus years now he seemed to be someone that one would only get to know through newspaper clippings and stories. His presence at the City Hal Reception in his honor was a great success, many residents turned out to see the founder of our City. Behring was in town to help the City kick off the 50th Anniversary, as the city will celebrate the occasion with events throughout the year. July 19, 1963 Tom Ford (Secretary of State of Florida) signed the incorporation papers making Tamarac a City. This was the first time a city was incorporated for raw land, prior only well developed cities were incorporated.
Connecting Ken Behring in person, to the legend he was, makes you understand the driven, caring person he is. The fact that he started with one house and land that was only inhabited by cattle, swampy areas, snakes and orange groves and turned it into a city is difficult to comprehend.  Now, 50 years later we are a full service city of  60,000 plus residents. Thanks to Behring's vision and determination we have a great City.
This year promises to be very special as the city has worked very hard to compile events to commemorate this occasion. There will be a ground breaking ceremony for the new Mainlands Park, a great “Rock of Ages” concert, a classic car parade with Coral Springs and Parkland (who are celebrating their own 50th Anniversary), America’s largest Birthday Celebration on July 4th, and the 50th Anniversary Time Capsule Dedication on July 19th, and the events will continue throughout the year…
One additional item of note the Tamarac Historical Society has compiled a historical picture book. The book being published by the Arcadia Publishing Company, is part of the Images of America Series. The book begins with Ken Behring and how the City came about through to the vibrant City Tamarac is today.
We are looking forward to all these events so please join us.
Barbara Tarnove, President of the Tamarac Historical Society

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  1. He certainly was very nice. It was a lovely reception.